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Considering the Growing Demand for Wines in INDIA and International Market, and change over from Conventional ‘Cork’ Sealing to Cost Effective, Convenient Aluminum Capsules / Screw Caps, We have developed the same to meet the Local Demand.

At Present these Screw Caps are widely used in Australia and New Zealand for Packing Wines. The design has been proved and change from Cork to Screw Caps are taking place in a faster phase all over the World.

Wine cap In the first range we offer plain caps of various colors.
Wine cap+ Second range of screw caps with printed decoration on top & skirt.
Wine cap++ Third range of screw cap with printed decoration on top embossing & skirt.
The Secret of Success
Saranex Liners
Saran Tin Liners
Capping Machine
Routine capping test conducted to ensure perfect sealing
Torque Gauge
Routine torque checks conducted using an Appropriate torque gauge to ensure correct opening torque

If your required product is not displayed in above pictures please contact us using our Enquiry Form. We ensure Competitive Pricing, Reliable service and deliveries.

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